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Aug 22, 2008

Gamucci Electronic Cigarette

Why buy the electronic cigarette

* Smoke it anytime, anywhere!
* Costs 50% less than normal smoking.
* No tar, No Tobacco.
* No Smoke - Only harmless vapour.
* Smoke in bars, clubs and restraunts.
* No lingering smells.
* No passive smoke -No Pollution!
* Satisfies nicotine cravings.
* Extreamly easy to use.


I've read reviews about this and being a smoker for over 10 years now, i have tried to quit in the past but always found that my fingers would wander. So I took a look around and bought my Gamucci from prezzybox and it has finally helped me to quit.Im not saying it will help everyone but its such a healthier alternative even if you dont give up altogether!