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Mar 27, 2011

This Business Card Will Ensure No One Ever Contacts You

A lot of yuppies like to claim that the business card is dead, instead pointing you towards their Facebook or Twitter accounts to get in touch with them. But I still think they’re alive and well, and are a far more succinct means of giving someone your contact details than making them endure your snide comments about your local coffee shop. And depending on your line of work, they can be a really good way to make a great first impression. We have a pretty big soft spot for particularly unique and original business card creations, as long as they’re still effective at what a card is supposed to do.
So I’m not doubting that Jared Foster is a skilled and creative electrical engineer, I would just find his circuit board business card, which uses persistence of vision to display his name, phone # and website address, to be incredibly annoying. I’m certainly impressed that he made the cards entirely by himself (for about $2 each) and created an Instructable outlining the process, but having to wave it around in the air every time I wanted to contact him would get old real fast.

Source: Instructables


"circuit board business card, which uses persistence of vision to display his name, phone # and website address"

Clients would probably more interested in playing with the business card than contacting the owner.


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