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Oct 10, 2010

Retro Phone with modern touch

Most people have that one type of gadget that they adore the retro or older versions. For me it’s phones, I can’t resist a retro or even antique phone.
I have been absolutely pining over the Crosley Black Candlestick Phone.  If you prefer your retro gadgets to have a modern touch though, you ought to look over the Sixty DECT phone from Sagemcom.  It’s a gadget that perfectly has modern and retro looks.

The round digital display manages to give modern conveniences, but still has that lovable old school feel.  The wireless handset is one of the rare ones these days that when away from the base you won’t confuse it as one of your remote controls.  Plus with that glossy orange finish you’ll always be able to easily spot it.  It has 10 different ring-tones to choose between as well as an answering machine.  You can pick it up for 80.90EUR or about $112.

Source: Newlaunches


Nice write up! I love the aesthetics of old phones. But could you imagine the sort of interior decorating that would match THIS orange phone? Yikes!