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Aug 1, 2010

Steampunk comes up with new USB Drive

I can’t say that I see much resemblance between a narrow bridge sign and this USB drive, but if that’s what it takes to create this kind of art then that’s fine by me. Actually I think it looks a bit more like the robot off of The Jetsons. Either way, you’ll have a whole lot more fun carrying around this drive rather than carrying around any other plain old drive. Sure, this one costs more, but you’ll get to be in the elite steampunk user club.

Within the steampunk casing it conceals an 8GB USB drive. Then to make sure all of that steampunk workmanship doesn’t get damaged there is a faux vintage tin box that you can store it within. There is even a velvet cushion on the inside of the tin to make sure it stays extra safe.

Source: ETSY