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Mar 31, 2010

Get Ready for Water Balloons Fight

It’s been a very long time since I’ve filled up water balloons, but I definitely haven’t forgotten the many times they’ve busted while still attached to the hose.

 Now there’s a tool to make the filling and tying process a whole lot easier and faster.  Which means you won’t have quite so many water balloons wasted before they’ve been tossed at your opponents.

Within 10 minutes time you can fill up to 100 water balloons, which means you’ll be doused in water even sooner than usual.  It’s just a small attachment that can hook up to your garden hose, the sink or even a spigot.  It comes with 2 different sink adapters.  It has a built-in table clamp for when you’re using the garden hose and a quick knot tying arm.  You can pick one up for $9.99 through Overton’s.

Source: Crunchgear