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Feb 2, 2009

Aqua Globes Takes care of Watering Plants

Are you missing your holidays because of the fear that nobody would take care of your plants for you? Then this is for you,

The Mini Aqua Globes could come in handy, as you can now take off on your favorite destination without the fear and worry that your ‘botanical children’ will die of thirst when you’re away.

These water plants for you by utilizing gravity and air pressure to naturally dispense water up to two weeks without over-watering. New smaller 8 ounce size is perfect for use in houseplants, hanging plants and patio plants. Just fill and place in soil, no daily tending. Features beautifully crafted, hand blown glass. Easy to use, great while you’re away. Set of four in glass.

Now if only there was something to prevent the cat/dog from chewing on your plants. Mini Aqua Globes can be purchased for $9.98 each.