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Jan 9, 2008

Blue Ray Movies from PS3 to PSP

Nintendo might have invented console-to-handheld connectivity, but Sony finally made it useful. According to PC World, Sony demonstrated the new technology at CES that will make it possible for owners to copy a Blu-Ray movie to their PSP.

In an update coming later this year, PS3 owners will be able to automatically make a lower quality version of any High Def Blu-Ray movie in their library and save it to PSP or Memory stick.

This is sweet because the PSP has been notoriously tedious to encode for and you won't have to buy any more UMD's. Not only that, but watching movies on the PSP via memory stick increases battery life compared to watching them via UMD.

While Sony might have been all excited about Skype on a PSP, TheFeed is ready to rock some portable Blade Runner and 300.

No word on exactly when the update will be available.

PC World: Sony Demos Copying from Blu-Ray Disc