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Aug 28, 2007

Nintendo - What does this word mean

A friend recently asked me if I'm a hardcore gamer. I answered yes since I spend a considerable amount of my time and money playing and buying video games. I stay abreast on the latest gaming news and although I like casual games, I sometimes prefer more in depth and epic experiences.

Then I was asked what Nintendo meant. DAMN! I know how old Nintendo is (118 years old) and that the company was founded making playing cards. In regard to this question, all my hardcoreness didn't amount to a hill-of-beans so I had to do some research. This is what I discovered.

The word Nintendo is an amalgamation of 3 symbols: nin, meaning "leave to"; ten, for "heaven"; and do, "company". That translates to "the company that leaves to heaven" or more poetically, "take care of every detail, and heaven will take care of the rest."